Jackie and Zack. Zack and Jackie. What to say about these two?! They make such an incredible team and it showed in their beautifully planned DIY wedding! When someone tells you that their wedding is going to be in the groom's father's backyard, you never know what to expect, but they transformed the space so wonderfully, you'll just have to see it for yourself! All the decorative details aside, their love is so real you could feel it through every moment of the day!  Don't hesitate to check out their dreamy DIY wedding now!

A huge thank you to all the family, friends and vendors who helped make their day so great!  

Hair/Makeup: AnnaBelle Bockelman

Officiant: Mike Jones

Venue: Wendell Phillips property

DJ: Junu Phillips

Sound: Jeff Gansneder

Florist: Molly Hardwick

Setup/Coordination: Molly Hardwick/Lyndi Amelia-Ann Jones/Jeanne' Deslongchamp Jones

Wedding favors: Heidi Quill with Designs by Heidi

Signage: Stephanie Davis Bentley

Cake: Kim and Jake's Cakes

Decor/Setup: Linda/Greg Phillips, Erica Younger, Elizabeth Lorence

2nd photographer: Jo Julia Ramsey